The Columbus Community Industrial and Development Corporation can assist with referrals to appropriate agencies and lenders for acquisitions of existing businesses, expansions and start-ups of new enterprises for: Land; Businesses; Equipment; Infrastructure; Inventory; and Working Capital


Each sale of land at the Texas Crossroads Business Park is unique. The price of land at the Park is negotiable depending on the nature of the project/business and many discounts may be available to your company. In some cases the CCIDC has provided land to companies at no cost to them, as long as the incoming company meets certain requirements. Click HERE to view available properties at the Texas Crossroads Business Park. 


Other Possible Incentives/Assistance:

    *Availability of Incentives Based on Number & Quality of Jobs Created and Investment in the Columbus Community and the Business Park.


    In all cases, assistance from the Development Corporation is made in the strictest confidence and within the context of the laws governing the use of 4B Sales Tax.

    If you have any questions please contact us at

    Community Development Grant Program

    For more information and the grant application CLICK HERE.

    Three General Categories of Eligible Grant Applications:
    1. Expenditures to assist with land, buildings, equipment, facilities, expenditures, targeted infrastructure, and improvements if the board determines the assistance will promote new or expanded business development


    2. Projects that improve a community's quality of life, including land, buildings, equipment, facilities, expenditures and improvements related to projects defined in Section 2 of the Act or found by the board to be required or suitable for use for:
      • professional and amateur sports (including children's sports) and athletic facilities; tourism and entertainment facilities; convention and public park purposes and events, (including stadiums, ballparks, auditoriums, amphitheaters, concert halls, parks and open space improvements, museums, exhibiiton facilities);
      • related store, restaurant, concession, parking and transportation facilities;
      • related street, water and sewer facilities;
      • affordable housing


    3. Additionally 4B tax money can be used to promote and develop new and expanded business activities that create or retain primary jobs, such as:
      • public safety facilities;
      • recycling facilities;
      • streets and roads;
      • drainage and related improvements;
      • demolition of existing structures;
      • general municipally owned improvements;
      • maintenance and operating costs associated with projects;
      • any other project that the board determines will contribute to the promotion or devleopment of new or expanded business enterprises that create or retain primary jobs
    If you have any questions please contact us at

    Facade & Sign Improvement Grant Program

    For more information and the grant application CLICK HERE.

    The purpose of this program is to promote the development and expansion of new and existing business enterprises within the City of Columbus, Texas and enhance the economic welfare of the citizens of the City, by securing and retaining business enterprises and maintaining a higher level of employment, economic activity, and stability as well as to improve existing building as to attract new business.

    Types of grants: 
            Improvements to storefronts including, but not limited to, painting, reconstruction, and/or remodeling.

            New signs and/or renovation or removal of existing signs.

            Items such as, but not limited to landscaping, parking lot resurfacing, striping, driveway improvements, 
            and lighting.

    Amounts of grants:
        The grant amout shall be up to, but not exceeding, 50% of the cost of such improvements.

    Economic Development Assistance Program

    For the grant application CLICK HERE.

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